From 24 November to 24 December 2021 - Galerie Claude Lemand

  • Ribal MOLAEB, BEIRUT 04.08.20.

    Beirut 04.08.20, 2020. Oil on canvas, 180 x 150 cm. © Ribal Molaeb. Courtesy Galerie Claude Lemand, Paris.

  • Ribal MOLAEB, Fragment.

    Fragment, 2021. Oil on canvas, 120 x 150. © Ribal Molaeb. Courtesy Galerie Claude Lemand, Paris.


Claude Lemand.
This is the title of the first solo exhibition in Paris of the young virtuoso Ribal Molaeb, a Lebanese musician and painter, born in 1992 and living in Europe since the age of seventeen.
Ribal Molaeb seduced me with his innovative and mastered compositions, his rich, harmonious and dazzling colors, his universalist philosophical and spiritualist inspiration, his musical and pictorial science creating a remarkable and singular poetic universe.

Ribal Molaeb.
" Each painter paints the cosmogony of himself. Our subconscious is full of images from our childhood and maybe sometimes from our past lives. Despite leaving Lebanon aged 17, when I dream at night, the dreams are always coming from my childhood home.

I don’t wait for inspiration and I don’t need exterior elements to inspire me. I can easily paint the Mediterranean Sea while working in my studio in Zürich. This is because the brain has a vast amount of data. I progress my data, in colors and forms, on a canvas.

I’ve also learned a great deal about how to paint while thinking as a musician. My art and music undoubtedly complement each other. I build my paintings like any musical composition, on the basis of harmony, movement, rhythm, dynamics, accents and even certain ‘intonation’ between the colors. I use my understanding of classical music theory and compositions in order to produce my paintings.

I take refuge in painting. My work became metaphysical; how many dimensions can I seize with my colors and shapes. What unseen world can I create. To be an artist is to constantly produce your exile.

The Music of colors is an exhibition who shows how my musical education contributed to the composition and use of color in my paintings. » (Ribal Molaeb)

Ribal Molaeb, Beirut, 2020.
« Beirut, a theatrical drama. A beauty that hurts. This painting depicts the dramatic tragedy of Beirut explosion in 2020. The sea is dark with a cloud hinting to Mark Rothko’s spiritual painting. Beirut, with its people, like a wild Wagnerian opera. »

Ribal Molaeb, The Mountain, 2020.
« A mountain, an ancient refuge, a home. Soil, stone, waterfalls, trees and houses ascending up. It is not just a place. It is a living human entity with great extended roots that go back to the ancient civilizations of Lebanon. »

Copyright © Galerie Claude Lemand 2012.

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