MAB, Rachana, Lebanon.

ANACHAR BASBOUS, Opening of the MAB.

From 24 September to 2 October

photo ANACHAR BASBOUS, Opening of the MAB.

RACHANA’S OWN STAR. by Claude Lemand Anachar Basbous’s sculptures soothe and enchant me; they make me dream and carry me far away. They are made with human hands and a celestial spirit. They belong to a culture of magical objects: their forms are modern and universal. A (...) Read more

Galerie Claude Lemand

KHALED TAKRETI, LIBERTES. Paintings 2007-2022.

From 12 September to 23 October

photo Takreti, Joujoux, Hiboux, Cailloux (Les Grands Enfants).

KHALED TAKRETI - POP ARTIST. Presentation by Thierry Savatier, Art historian. Khaled Takreti is a singular artist. When he is not painting portraits or anonymous characters, he recurrently uses irony and self-mockery in his works. His astonishing self-portrait Bike 1 (...) Read more

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