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  • Saikali, Le bruit de l’eau.

    Le bruit de l'eau, 2009. Oil on canvas, 81 x 100 cm. Private Collection. © Nadia Saikali. Courtesy Galerie Claude Lemand, Paris.

Nadia Saikali, NADIA.

’ Lebanese born, I grew up in a multicultural family. Beirut my home town, stands out on the Mediterranean’s shore as the Crossroad of three mediterranean continents: The Europeen, The Eastern, The African. Trilingual, I am not only Mediterranean but also European as well as Atlantic, having two sons Alan and Christopher Thomas, from my first love and marriage to their Welsh father, a geophysical engeneer resting for ever peacefully in Cyprus.

Franco-lebanese, my personal cultural space includes globaly all the French speaking countries, the Arab speaking countries as well as the English speaking countries and various communities. My very early interests in life were Geography and Geology. Astrophysics fascinate me, as well as the evolution of mankind. I believe in the positive aspects of Science which do not stand up against the spiritual and intuitive aspects of humans, thus driving them to find more ways for more knowledge. I have been very lucky to discover a lot about the Ancient Civilisations, visiting archeological sites in the East, while studying about the subject in History of Art books. Mythology appearing to me as part of Human Poetry.

In 1979, while the war went on in Lebanon, I moved to "The Bateau Lavoir" with my second husband Henri Gaboriaud graduated in interior decoration. A fresh new start in my life and works: several crayon studies, coloured inks and oils. This was followed up, and developed through different periods: "Geodermies" (geology-epidermic earth crust) "Archeodermies" (reference to Archeology) "Empreintes- Autoportraits" (introspection- Happening on canvas) "Empreintes- Eclatées" (polychrome spaces- Fall of Berlin’s Wall)

In 2000, "Espaces Intemporels" (Timeless Spaces of Peace). Too many people theorize and politicize about one’s choice of colours in painting. This is not what I put forward in my works. After having focused my attention on the four elements mentioned in the Genesis: Earth- Fire- Water- Air, I now feel like expressing freely my joy to be alive and at peace.

My main interests are the positive achievements of human kind, knowing that everything is related, that death is a proven certitude and that human wisdom has not yet been reached on Earth. Therefore I can claim out loudly that "Time for Peace has Come Now".’

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