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The Galerie Claude Lemand was founded in 1988 with an international open-mind on artists coming from all around the world, from different geographic, cultural and aesthetic backgrounds, who chose Paris as their capital of life, creation and international flourishing success, whether it be temporary or permanent.

The gallery is therefore dedicated to promote those artists and to organize solo and group exhibitions for them. It further ensures the original edition of their sculptures and prints and it regularly publishes exhibition catalogues as well as a several important monographs.

Since its establishment, the gallery got into the habit of organizing a thematic international exhibition every year, where artists represented by the gallery come together with other artists who have an international reputation, such as the exhibitions of ‘Masters of the tondo’, ‘Painting & Poetry. Artists of the Book’, ‘From East to West’, …

Before opening his gallery, Claude Lemand was a uni­ver­sity pro­fessor until 1988. His pas­sion for painting, sculp­ture and artists’ books led him to drop every­thing in June 1988, in order to focus on building up a col­lec­tion and founding a gallery in Paris.

Espace Claude Lemand
70 avenue Jean Moulin, 75014 Paris
Visits every day by appointment.
Tél. +336 73 77 05 89

Galerie & Espace

From 1989 onwards, Claude Lemand was one of the first gallerists to embark on promoting major Arab artists who had settled in the West, through the organization of exhibitions, the purchase of works, the edition of bronze sculptures and the publication of important monographs.

Claude Lemand is also a publisher who has a passion for poetry and original artist’s books. The inauguration of his gallery took place in October 1988 in conjunction with the publication of Marguerite Yourcenar’s `Le dernier amour du Prince Genghi’ in a beautiful book designed and illustrated with etchings by Abdallah Benanteur, printed as a limited edition of only 33 copies. Since then, Claude Lemand has published the monographs of Benanteur as well as that of Shafic Abboud. Furthermore, he organized many exhibitions around the subject of `Painting & Poetry. Artists of the Book’, which explore the richness of original manuscript and illustrated books.

In October 2008, on the 20th anniversary of his gallery, Claude Lemand opened a second gallery which is a space dedicated for the important works of his artists to be displayed and to the preparation of retrospectives or major exhibitions which he organizes in France or in other countries.

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