Du 19 septembre au 27 décembre 2015 - Wexner Center for the Arts. The Ohio State University.

  • Azzawi, The Sabra and Shatila Massacres.

    The Sabra and Shatila Massacres, 1982-83. Polyptyque, technique mixte sur papier marouflé sur toile, 300 x 750 cm. Collection de la Tate Modern, Londres. © Dia Al-Azzawi.


Wexner Center for the Arts. The Ohio State University.

Explore Pablo Picasso’s potent legacy and per­sis­tent impact on seve­ral gene­ra­tions of artists in this vibrant exhi­bi­tion, with nearly 150 works in a variety of mediums, occu­pying all the Wexner Center for the Arts gal­le­ries this fall.

Among those inclu­ded are such Picasso peers as Brassaï, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Henri-Cartier Bresson, and Dora Maar. Plus you’ll find contem­po­rary mas­ters like Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Cindy Sherman, William Wegman, Louise Lawler, Sigmar Polke, Dia Al-Azzawi, Amy Sillman, Fred Wilson, ....

Originally titled Picasso in Contemporary Art, the exhi­bi­tion was first pre­sen­ted at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg on the occa­sion of its 25th anni­ver­sary and cura­ted by the ins­ti­tu­tion’s gene­ral direc­tor, Dirk Luckow.

After Picasso : 80 Contemporary Artists
has been orga­ni­zed in coo­pe­ra­tion with Deichtorhallen Hamburg. It offers the per­fect boo­kend to Transfigurations : Modern Masters from the Wexner Family Collection, which fea­tu­red 19 works by Picasso and inau­gu­ra­ted our 25th Anniversary Season last September.

L’artiste ira­kien de Londres Dia Al-Azzawi y par­ti­cipe avec son fameux polyp­ty­que Sabra et Chatila (1982-83, 300 x 750 cm), acquis par la Tate Modern en juillet 2012. Inspirée du Guernica de Picasso, cette œuvre sera repro­duite dans le cata­lo­gue de l’expo­si­tion du Grand Palais PICASSO.MANIA, du 7 octo­bre 2015 au 29 février 2016.

Copyright © Galerie Claude Lemand 2012.

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