Laila Muraywid

Laila Muraywid.

’ My work has a fig­u­ra­tive lan­guage it deals with sculp­ture, pho­tog­raphy and painting. It ques­tions the pro­grammed social reac­tions facing taboos. It explores the rela­tion­ship of being to one­self and others; illu­sion and desire, cul­tural fears and anx­i­eties repressed in the com­plex­i­ties and para­doxes of social con­ven­tions. The sphere of inti­macy is a starting point that allows the pas­sage of the sin­gular to the uni­versal. The woman’s body is taken hostage in the trap of reli­gion, pol­i­tics and society. ’

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