Fadi Yazigi


Born in 1966 in Latakia, Syria, Fadi Yazigi obtained a BFA in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 1988. Since then, he has been a prolific painter and sculptor, working with extreme discipline. He has held a large number of solo exhibitions of his work in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain. He has participated in group exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A, and in a number of international biennials and art fairs, including Art Paris, Art Paris Abu Dhabi, Art Dubai, Art Palm Beach and the Hong Kong International Fair. He lives and works in Damascus.

"Art is the culmination of uninhibited creative freedom to visually express the social and political situation of our times. My works are a nostalgic chronicle of relationships; the source of my stimulation is all that surrounds me and all those who have left an indelible mark on my life. Experimenting with various techniques and media, I try to escape from monotony. Whether painting on canvas, cardboard, textiles or newspapers, using acrylics, oil or ink, I depict people and human emotions. I paint, sculpt and mould as I observe the world. I continue to explore new materials for my work; experimenting in a very wide variety of ways and forms. Each new material gives a particular feeling and each new image, whether on a blank canvas, cloth, paper bag, Arabic bread or sculpted clay, comes from the same inspiration and current of creativity."

Fadi Yazigi currently works in Damascus, producing a range of works from painting to sculpture to reliefs that all mirror each other in terms of subject matter and, for the most part, focus on everyday life in Syria in an overall unhappy or alienated tone. He often paints directly on furniture or newspaper. Yazigi regularily casts his sculptures in bronze, and they often depict people as underdeveloped creatures or as half-human beasts.

As a figurative painter, his work revolves around people and human emotions with a nostalgic sensibility towards the individuals that he encounters. A strong facet of his work is experimenting with new materials and techniques, allowing him to continuously increase the range of his oeuvre.

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