Edgard Pillet

Encyclopédie Larousse. “Edgard Pillet. French painter and sculptor (1912-1996). Studied at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, then that of Paris. His early paint­ings were inspired by Neo-cubism, before leaning more towards abstrac­tion in 1948. General sec­re­tary for the magazine Art d’Aujourd’hui (from 1949 onwards). He founded the Atelier d’art abstrait in 1950 in Paris with Jean Dewasne. Following a two-year stay in America where he taught, he redi­rected his abstrac­tion towards sym­bolic land­scape painting, before intro­ducing astral fig­ures and geo­metric com­po­si­tions (Creusets series) into his works around 1960. He is also the author of sev­eral archi­tec­tural designs, such as that of the wall facade of the University of Sciences’ amphithe­atre in Grenoble.”
Translated from French by Valérie Hess.

Sylvie Nordmann. Painting. "Precision and pas­sion. Geometric abstrac­tion, Constructed art, Cold abstrac­tion, Lyrical abstrac­tion, School of Paris, Art of the Fiftees, … what­ever may be the artistic trend which Pillet falls under. His oeuvre exe­cuted between the 1950s and 1990s express an acute under­standing of colour, inter­laced with a capacity for formal cre­ation that gives an overall striking har­mony and a very per­sonal poetic con­tent. Characterised by a con­struc­tive rigour and con­stant inno­va­tion, Pillet explores colours and shapes always within a per­ma­nent bal­ance between pas­sion and pre­ci­sion. He anal­yses all the aspects of a theme he invents and com­bines it with vari­a­tions from former themes through dif­ferent means of expres­sion. With a for­malist rigour that excludes coin­ci­dence, facility or grandiosity, Edgard Pillet sug­gests an intel­lec­tual and sen­si­tive dia­logue to the viewer. He offers a big autonomy of com­pre­hen­sion to the latter with regards to his own intu­ition, just as in music.”
Translated from French by Valérie Hess.

Works in Public Collections

MNAM Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
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MOMA, New York
Musée de Peinture et de Sculpture, Grenoble
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Alger
Musée Ateneum, Helsinki
Museum of Modern Art, Eilat
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