WORK of the WEEK - SARA ABOU MRAD - L’Ensemencement.

From 27 April to 3 June - Galerie Claude Lemand

  • ABOU MRAD, L’Ensemencement 1.

    L'Ensemencement 1, 2021. Mixed media on paper, 41 x 31 cm. © Sara Abou Mrad. Courtesy Galerie Claude Lemand, Paris.

WORK of the WEEK - SARA ABOU MRAD - L’Ensemencement.

Thierry Savatier, Images of Dreams.

Her paint­ings are rem­i­nis­cent of the def­i­ni­tion that André Breton gave of "dream images" in his novel Nadja (1928): "The pro­duc­tion of dream images always depends at least on this double set of mir­rors, there is indi­ca­tion of the very spe­cial role, no doubt emi­nently revealing, to the highest degree "overde­ter­mining" in the Freudian sense, that are called upon to play cer­tain very strong impres­sions, in no way con­tam­i­nating morality, truly felt "beyond good and evil" in the dream and, con­se­quently, in what is sum­marily opposed to it under the name of reality.

Her uni­verse is indeed close to sur­re­alism. This no doubt explains the pres­ence, in her painting, of ref­er­ences to the great mas­ters (Autoportrait en Vénus, 2021), improb­able and some­times dis­turbing, ter­res­trial and aquatic flora (La Danse du soir, 2021; La Mort dans l’âme, 2021 ), a sur­prising and some­times hybrid fauna (La Toucane, 2021), reli­gious sym­bols - the fish/Ichthus - or rituals (L’Ensemencement, 2021; Le Masque Toussian), angels or even a cen­tral being, sexual, anthro­po­mor­phic animal that she calls “the Lion”. Her char­ac­ters are in eternal move­ment; they evolve in the sky, in the water, defy gravity. Her palette is lively, but reserves to the viewer nuances, games of trans­parency sim­ilar to those of water­colour.

Copyright © Galerie Claude Lemand 2012.

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