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CHOUKINI, SCULPTURES. Permanently available.

From 1 September to 15 October

photo Choukini, Le Cheval de Guernica

CHOUKINI, SCULPTURES. The Bronzes and Sculptures by CHOUKINI are permanently available at the Claude Lemand Gallery, Paris. Read more

Galerie Claude Lemand

DIA AL-AZZAWI, Black Roots, 2001 + Blue Landscape, 2015.

From 30 August to 15 October

photo Dia Al-Azzawi, Black Roots.

Dia Al-AZZAWI, Black Roots, 2001 + Blue Landscape, 2015. By Claude Lemand 11 Septembre 2001. Watching over and over again the attack on New York’s Twin Towers on the news, Dia Al-Azzawi had an immediate artistic reaction to this. Black Roots depicts a nightmare vision: the (...) Read more

ISSOUDUN, Musée de l'Hospice Saint-Roch.


From 30 June to 30 December

photo Abboud, Tour du Monde en Tondo.

AROUND THE WORLD THROUGH TONDO. An International Exhibition. We are delighted to participate with the Museum of L’Hospice Saint-Roch in Issoudun to the organisation of an exhibition of round works (paintings, reliefs, drawings, prints and photographs) by 50 contemporary (...) Read more

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